Wee Tales

Brides of Ullapool Series

 Recipe for a Happy Kitchen

Adria is running away from an unhappy life with a controlling man. Braden is running away from the past and determined never to trust his heart to a woman again, except for Aunt Maggie. When Adria and Braden crash into each other on a lonely Scots roadway, their lives are changed forever.

Brittany's Boys

Brittany is the best waitress in Ullapool. Her Dad is the best cook in Ullapool at the only pub in Ullapool and has the biggest muscles in Ullapool. So for Brittany, that means her dating pool is limited because all the guys are afraid of her Dad's muscles. Until one day, a man comes along who is willing to risk life and limb for her. And she is too.

Old Secrets

Hazel is in love with Frank and they plan to marry. Then Frank married a rich girl. Leaving Hazel to marry the first man to come along so she can protect the reputation of the child she is carrying. Fifty years later, they are forced together again and the sanctity of all their old secrets are at risk.

A Tea Party for Gwen

Gwen can stop a leak, install a new toilet and shingle your roof with her eyes closed. But if it goes beyond toasting bread or making a good cuppa, Gwen is useless in the kitchen. In the little town of Ullapool, a woman is expected to cook the food, not burn it. So when she meets the son of the retired tea shoppe owner, she needs lots of help from her friends and luck from the stars above to make him give her a second look.

Sweet on Shawn

Shawn lost his wife to a deadly disease and was left with a daughter who might have inherited the same thing. So he devoted his life to the challenge of protecting his daughter until she met the man who would protect her from then on. But the man brought his older sister with him and this sassy baker is about to give Shawn a challenge he won't refuse.

Island Series

 Island Girl

Sarah, recently widowed, meets her husband's cousin, who offers her a way out of the financial mess she is in. The only problems is, she has to leave her new business, the city she grew up in and the country she was born in and live on a remote island in the north of Scotland. But will she be able to walk away from him and the islands she has come to love after the six months is up?

Island Lady

Rowan was  sure she had found the solution to Rousay Island's financial woes. Sell the house to a man who wants to turn it into a  hotel and thereby giving jobs and bringing in income for the beleaguered island. Quentin intends to turn the house into a hotel but only after withdrawing the initial offer and ruining Rowan's name. But can the bitterness of revenge outweigh the sweetness of love?

Island Lassie

Ivy is Rose's little sister and has been treated like it all her life, but it got worse after their parents died. Now she has finally met an interesting man her age and Rose still treats her like a child. Can she deal with an overbearing sister, an amorous man, smuggling drug dealers and the constant chatter of fairies, all on her little island at once?

Island Lord

Rick inherits Gairsay Island and leaves America for Scotland so he can restore Long Hall -a Viking drinking hall and turn the other buildings into bed and breakfasts. He enlists the help of a historian to help. Rose is surprised to hear that Rick is back, and even  more surprised when he asks for her help. But she is heart broken then pissed off to find he doesn't even remember her. Between the three Viking ghosts and a haughty historian, Rick wonders if he will ever find success. 


 Grizzly Bare

Kelly Shore sold everything she had and moved to the wilds of Montana. But no one told her how wild it would be. The old unkempt house she inherited came with outdoor plumbing, huge dust bunnies and a six foot grizzly bear plus his caretaker, James who has a more ferocious attitude than the bear he watches over. Can Kelly carve out a life in the wilderness despite the grumpy wildlife and her grizzly neighbors?