Whatever Blog-whatever is on my mind

 Set myself a reading challenge this year. Bought twenty books written by the authors I want to be when I grow up and threw in a few authors who are new to me. Plan is to write reviews for them and the others I read last year. 

The only problem with this plan is most of the new books were Christmas related. so I went with it and will buy more when I finish these. I want to read fifty this year but my goal is 100. Not only will that help me with my writing, analyzing the literary devices they used and the grammar and ideas but it gets me closer to my bucket list of one hundred best selling books in a year, like pick a list and read everything on it. 

I have other bucket list goals. I want to visit every country in the world, even if it is only to step into the country then fly back out again. I want to drive on every street in Des Moines and visit and take pictures of every park in Des Moines and every state park in Iowa and every city in Iowa. 

I also want to write 100 books and get them published. But I will be writing until the day I die so hopefully I will meet that goal of 100 books and surpass it. 

Okay, something useful, instead of just rambling. I love google. I just typed in writing and it took me to a list of a lot of helpful websites including a site called Writer, the Internet Typewriter. It is apparently a website that you can write in without distractions and your entry is private, secure and backed up regularly. gonna bookmark that one. Also Writing.Com-an online community for writers. You can also store your writing here and connect with other writers.

I love to read and I live to write and I hope to one day make enough money to only write and not have an eight hour except for writing. Okay and scrapbooking and cross stitch and painting and reading and crocheting and knitting and rug making.

It's bedtime. I am married to a postman and 4 am comes early. Good night all you lovely people.