How I got to be a Writer

High School and earlier

High School

 Spent my childhood reading. The school library was my sanctuary. Loved it when Mom sent me to my room, all my books were there.-it was no punishment at all. Wrote my first story in Sophmore High School English class for extra credit. I got the extra credit!

Floods of 1993

 Eighteen years of life happened, including a husband, a nursing career and moving to Dallas, Texas then back to Des Moines, iowa. I was laid off in 1993-lots of us were not working due to the floods. One morning I had a vivid dream and came downstairs and wrote until my bottom hurt. Then I read what I had written. I was amazed at all the words I hadn't remembered writing and it was an intriguing story as well. So I finished it then called Iowa State University English Dept and hired a graduate student to evaluate it. He gave me positive feedback and suggested I join a writer's group and find mentors.

Writing Conferences, Critique Groups and Mentors

 So began a journey of writing and reading as many writing books and articles that I could find. I joined a writing group and got even more information and got mentors and found a critique group. And the stories came into my head and poured out of my fingers and I loved the whole process. Then I found indie publishing on the internet and while I would like to be published by the big guys in New York, I don't mind publishing these myself. 

How you can be a Writer

 Read writing books, pay no attention to ppl who tell you this is the only way to do it or ppl who tell you about the rules. Find someone to read your books and give you advice-another writer is a suggestion but not someone who is your family or friend of likes you. You need the truth, even if it is painful. Surf the net-there is a lot out there with more added everyday and read what you want to write. That is essential. If you want to write romance, read it and if you read it, write a review.

Promoting Yourself

This subject never gets smaller, I grows every year. Lots of good ideas. And don't just limit your resources to books and articles. Join a local writer's group or if you can't find local, join one online. Also join national organizations. I belong to RWA (Romance Writers of America). Not only do these ladies know how to party once a year, they have onlines classes, a great montly magazine and they record the classes at the convention and sell those recordings which are huge resources, very helpful. 

Blogs and Blogging

 Read writing blogs, read reading blogs, read other blogs, whatever interests you. Usually an author's website will tell you what blogs they write. And pay attention because you want to write your own blog. I love to try new restaurants so I not only blog on writing but I also write "JoElla Eats Des Moines' and blog about restaunants in Des Moines, Iowa.